Tips For Creating More Space In Your Home

15 April, 2018


In a world that is fast crowding up, large and open homes are not an option for many of us. Practicality and availability may sometimes force us to opt for a smaller home than we originally wanted. If this rings true with you, then here are a few tips in creating more space in your smaller home.

Know your limits and say no to shopaholic hobbies

Are you some who likes to shop as a hobby or when you are upset? Is “things for the house” in your list, whenever you travel to a new destination? Is shopping one of your biggest “dent makers” of your pay check, every pay day? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then chances are that this is the reason for the lack of space in your home. Know your limits and curb your shopaholic nature, inevitably stopping yourself from cluttering your home, and you will naturally find yourself with more available space.

Look for outside homes for those almost-never-used items

When you are off house hunting, you might come across some homes that are just perfect, but unfortunately too small for all your things. Chances are that you might even skip that house option, simply because though you may not need all your things, they are too valuable (or you’re too sentimentally attached to them) to sell or give away. In moments like this, opt for outside the house storage options like good storage facilities.

Knowing your home, knowing your furniture

The furniture that you strategically place around your home plays rather an important role when it comes to creating more space. If the furniture that you have chosen for your home happens to be too bulky or consumes a lot of floor space, chances are that this may be making your home look smaller than it is. Over crowding a space with furniture too can create the same effect. Sell or donate the unnecessary furniture, or simply opt once more for a self storage space until you one day move to a bigger home.

Light, sunlight and “open” colors

The above three plays a significantly large role (by themselves) when it comes to creating space in smaller homes. First, make sure you are getting the most out of your available sunlight. Make sure you’re not obstructing it through curtains or furniture; and spread it with the help of strategically placed mirrors. Then use artificial lighting to further brighten your home and give it an illusion of more space. Last, make sure you use “open” colors such as whites, creams, yellows and gold to further help you in your mission. 

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